March 1, 2021

Welcome to the COMBAT-AMR Website

We’ll be sharing information and updates on the COMBAT-AMR project activities occurring in partnership with government, National AMR Committees and public health counterparts in Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, as well as useful information and resources regarding antimicrobial resistance.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR), the ability of microorganisms to resist being killed by medicines such as antibiotics, poses a major and rapidly growing threat to the prevention and treatment of infections and to public health globally. AMR is a growing threat in Pacific Island Countries. Understanding the nature and spread of AMR is dependent upon the ability to collect and interpret quality data to support clinical management, establish and contribute to meaningful surveillance and to inform public health responses.

COMBAT-AMR is working collaboratively to implement capacity building and training activities to support the prevention, diagnosis, surveillance and management of AMR pathogens, under the framework of National AMR Action Plans and priorities.

Explore our website to find out more about the program of work being delivered in Pacific Island Countries and how we can work to combat the threat of AMR.

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