Our Approach

COMBAT-AMR is led by the following principles to deliver project activities.


Country engagement and coordination with National AMR Action Plans

To promote sustainability and ensure project activities respond to need, the project will align with National AMR Action Plans and public health priorities, as well as establish partnerships with National AMR Committees and public health counterparts to define and implement project activities.


Situation and needs assessment

The COMBAT-AMR team will work with local counter parts to undertake a comprehensive situation and needs assessment at the start of the project. A purpose-built, comprehensive and informative situational analysis tool will be used to understand current country approaches to address AMR and in form development of project activities based on identified needs.



Key champions and leaders will be identified to participate in capacity building activities delivered under a train-the-trainer model. The project will develop training tools and resources for champions to use, supporting the development of a regional network of trained professionals in AMR across Pacific Island Countries.


Coordination with other national and regional initiatives

COMBAT AMR will align closely with other regional AMR capacity building activities, through ongoing coordination and communication with institution leaders, public health personnel, and regional stakeholders, including WHO Western Pacific Regional Office, The Pacific Community (SPC) and The Fleming Fund.


One Health 

This program will be delivered using a One Health approach, including providing opportunities for training and mentoring across human and animal health, to create One Health communities of practice in partner countries.

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