Project Activities
November 1, 2020

Situation and Needs Assessment Tool Development

The situation and needs assessment package will be designed to provide a comprehensive overview of current national-level policies and practices in place in each country to address antimicrobial resistance.

A key outcome of the project is to package the various assessment and data collection tools into a cohesive kit for wider distribution. The tools will be made available to other countries, particularly low- and middle-income countries, that are in the process of assessing and building their capacity to manage antimicrobial resistance.

In collaboration with Pacific Island Countries, the COMBAT-AMR project team will launch the situation and needs assessment package remotely via:

  • Online discussions with technical personnel in Australia with country staff to fill out the theme level assessment tool questions
  • Country staff completion of questions on site, with support from technical staff in Australia
  • Country Coordinators collecting the information for national level analysis, with support from the project team and country counterparts

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Our Work

COMBAT-AMR will deliver a program of work during 2019 – 2022 at major national sites, including referral hospitals and laboratories, across four key themes.

Infection Prevention and Control

COMBAT-AMR will improve Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) by establishing best practice policies, procedures and systems for monitoring selected healthcare associated infections through training and mentoring.

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Antimicrobial Stewardship

COMBAT-AMR will provide training and mentorship to build capacity for improved measurement and ongoing monitoring of the appropriateness of antibiotic use, as well as the capability to manage antimicrobial stewardship and respond to emerging issues.

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Laboratory Capacity and Surveillance

COMBAT-AMR will improve capacity for laboratory surveillance of AMR through training and mentoring activities to detect AMR in an accurate and timely manner, to undertake surveillance of WHO AMR priority pathogens, and to establish efficient referral pathways for AMR pathogens.

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Animal Health‍

COMBAT-AMR will help mitigate the threat of antimicrobial resistance arising using a One Health approach, by assessing current practices, policies, procedures and systems for monitoring and controlling antimicrobial resistance in animal health and developing approaches to address needs through training and mentoring.

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